The young singers of North Kashmir’s Singhpora Pattan are working for the revival of the folk and classical forms of Kashmir’s music by making folk albums.

With the help of some senior folk singers, the young artistes are making musical albums in a private studio and selling them in the local market.

Adil Manzoor, a young folk singer said, “Folk music is our identity. We cannot let go of it. Due to the westernisation, the music formats including sufiyana and folk are losing popularity.”

“I did an online program during the lockdown. The program was well received by the people of Kashmir. I did a program in Tagore Hall, which was also a success,” he added.

Abdul Rasheed, a senior folk singer said, “Young artistes are an elated bunch and very energetic. As long as these youngsters show this kind of interest, Sufiyaana will remain alive.”

“I cannot just sit at home during this winter. So I am working with them,” he added.

Another singer, Suhail Faisal said, “Folk music is our culture. We have to take it forward. Even after leaving the studio, I continue to work at home to achieve our aim”.

The Kashmir valley has produced a number of renowned sufiyana, classical and folk singers including Abdul Rashid Hafiz, late Mohamad Abdullah Tibet Baqal, late Ghulam Mohamad Saznawaz, late Ghulam Ahmad Sofi, late Ghulam Hassan Sofi.

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