The Director of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Dinesh Patnaik said that the council is on a mission to make Kashmiri culture famous across the globe.

Patnaik said that they have made lot of plans regarding how to transit the Kashmir’s art and culture into that of the globe and attract the foreign artists.

“Like the instrument “Santoor” has linkage to different Central Asian countries, we will try to create a festival out of it by bringing in artists from these countries”, said Patnaik.

“We made plans how we will improvise festivals from Santoor, the sacred music- Sufiyana qalam, the folk music. We’ll try and create a common culture – Kashmiri culture out of these and engage local youth as well as foreign artists in this”, he added.

Patnaik said, “we’ve done various programmes in past, we sent various groups of artists outside India to highlight the Kashmiri culture”.

“There needs to be cultural vibrancy, we want foreign cultures to influence Kashmiri culture, so that these cultures work hand in hand for development”, he added.

Patnaik while describing the hurdles put in way by Covid-19 said, “We had various plans but due to Covid-19 we are not able to put them in action. As soon this Covid-19 threat ends we will definitely improvise the culture of Kashmir and make it famous world wide”

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