Tupperware India, a global premium homeware brand based out of Orlando, US, Thursday announced its launch in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir through its innovative channel, the HomeShop. Since its transformation into becoming a multi-channel brand in 2019, Tupperware has been expanding its direct presence across the length and breadth of the country. Opening an official HomeShop in Kashmir marks a special milestone in the brand’s journey as the brand was not present in the valley earlier.

Aabroo Ratta will be running the newly launched HomeShop by Tupperware. It is the company’s first HomeShop in the valley amongst 157 HomeShops across the country. It is located at Raj Bagh at Rather Complex near New Era School.
HomeShops are an innovative way to power up the Direct Selling channel. It is a unique combination of Direct Selling and Retail channels that gives the best of both worlds along with a homely environment. It extends ease of doing business to the seller as well as potential buyers. As part of the arrangement, the seller sets up a small product demonstration area within their home and invites their acquaintances to showcase the magic of Tupperware, on the lines of famous Tupperware house parties and sell directly to interested consumers. So far, there are 157HomeShops across 116 cities in India. As Tupperware completes 25 years this year, the brand aims to expand its footprint further through its multi-channel sales approach to reach newer milestones and further extend its concept of HomeShop to more cities.

The brand has nurtured entrepreneurial spirit and focused on women empowerment since its inception in 1996. In face of challenges, COVID and otherwise, Tupperware came up with new ways of doing business in the valley and is receiving encouraging response. With an existing network of over 70,000 women sellers across India, Tupperware has increased focus on training and upskilling programmes as well.

With the government investing heavily into infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir, consumer oriented industries like retail are set to pick up pace. Tapping this visible potential in the valley, Tupperware India seeks to benefit from the growing consumer demand and aims at garnering customer delight.

“Tupperware is excited to have set its foot in the valley and we are sure that the natives will receive the brand warmly. We hope to deepen our connections with our potential target consumer in the region over time with Aabroo’s support. 2021 is the 25th year of operations for Tupperware in India and this brings with itself many promises, one of them is us embarking on a journey across newer locations and regions. We are sure that this HomeShop will help us showcase our wide variety of products and delight consumers.” said Deepak Chhabra, Managing Director, Tupperware India.

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