The authorities have devised a three step feedback process at students’, faculty and college levels to create a culture of excellence within the higher education ecosystem, said the officials.

Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department, Rohit Kansal in an official communiqué issued has said, “In order to create a culture of excellence within the Higher Education ecosystem, we have also devised a three step feedback process at students’ level, faculty level and college level.” 

In the student feedback category, the official said, “This is an anonymous feedback process through a structured questionnaire. A student must have at least 60 percent attendance to be eligible to fill this form.”

The official communiqué states that the feedback will be taken twice in a semester including in mid semester—45 days after the start of the semester and the second feedback at the end of the semester—90 days after the start of the semester. 

The communiqué reads that the anonymous feedback generated will be collated by the concerned principal and final data of subject wise will be shared with the concerned faculty.

“This will help the faculty understand the perspective of the learners and to further improve the teaching-learning process,” reads the communiqué.

Similarly, from the faculty evaluation and feedback, the department has mentioned that it will be on quarterly feedback cum evaluation process where every faculty member would be graded by the principal on a series of parameters including teaching, research and participation in other college activities. “Student feedback is an important component of this evaluation.”

The aim of this process is to provide objective feedback to the faculty and encourage them to build on their strengths and work on their lesser strengths.

“This will help create a culture of excellence within the Higher Education ecosystem, so that everyone contributes to the best of their abilities and maintains the highest possible standards. The quarterly faculty evaluation shall be the basis of the Annual Performance Report (APR),” it reads.

Likewise, from the institution feedback category, the department said that the exercise aims to capture feedback from the students as well as faculty members about their overall experience in the institute in terms of infrastructure, services and other facilities.

“This feedback too is anonymous and has to be obtained quarterly—four times in a year. The special feature of this feedback is that it is obtained from both the students and the teachers,” reads the communiqué.

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