A five-member Trekkers team of Compass Crew Trekking Adventure club (CCTAC) Sunday summited Sheen Mayean Peak, the third-highest peak in the Pir Panjal range.

Led by 29-years-old Zeeshan Altaf the team included Aijaz Ahamd Dar, Aijaz Rashid, Ishfaq Ahmad, and Arif Ahmad all from the Rambagh area in central Kashmir’s Srinagar started their trek from Tosamaidan at 8: AM Sunday morning and reached the Sheen Mayean peak at 1:05 PM afternoon, while covering a distance of 29 kilometers back to Tosmaidan.

“The Team traversed via Tosamaidan, Pathri Chinmarg eventually to Sheen Mayean Peak,” claimed Zeeshan.

The team made it possible while facing difficulties of inclement weather, snowfall, and pouring rainfall while passing several glaciers. Without bothering about challenges ahead to the summit they traversed the trek despite all hardships.

“We faced so many difficulties during this trek, like inclement Weather, snowfall, pouring rainfall and dipping temperature, but we still didn’t give up and fought hard and somehow managed to reach the destination,” Zeeshan Altaf told Rising Kashmir.

Zeeshan who has been trekking for the last seven years, claims that he has recently launched his own club namely Compass crew trekking and Adventure club.

“I launched this club last month after repeated insisting by friends and some youngsters in our locality and this summit was the first attempt of the club, which we accomplished successfully on June 12, 2022,” he says.  

 He added that the trek was sponsored by Arco cements.

Inspired by his friend, Tufail Qurashi, Zeeshan started his first trek to Alpathar frozen lake in Affarwat Gulmarg. And later, he joined the Jammu Kashmir mountaineering Adventure Club in 2014 and since then he has not looked back.

 “Since then I have explored 40 lakes including Barafsar, Nilnag, Durinnar, Trusar, Yemser, Khemsar, Alpather, Chuharnag, Shilsar, Gangbal, Nundkol, etc,” he claims, and added, “My dream is to summit Mount Everest and K2 if sponsored.”

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