Operating with over 620 functional stores across the country, StayHappi pharmacy has now successfully entered the territory of Kashmir with its unique brand of generic medicines.

According to a statement issued here, “the medicine brand set forth in the province through the brand name “StayHappi Generics”, collaborating with local chemist stores. StayHappi Generics is an initiative with a belief to serve humanity by providing high-quality medicines at ‘real and affordable’ prices. It operates with a full-proof plan to scale up and reach every nook and corner in the country and to make “Healthcare for all” a reality.”

Executive Director, Arushi Jain said, “We are ecstatic about our new breakthrough as we multiply our presence yet again in a new township, which is none other than Kashmir this time. So far the response has been phenomenal leaving customers with repeat purchases and positive feedbacks endowing quality products. StayHappi is confident of further association with 500 more stores by the next few months here at Kashmir.”

The company said that Stayhappi’s Generics help in saving 30%-90% on medicine bills. “Secondly, It had not just offered generic medicines to the patients, but also aiming to change the approach of millions and aim to spread awareness that Patient doesn’t necessarily have to buy medicines by their brand names, and can easily switch to Stayhappi Generic Medicines, as the quality and effectiveness of Stayhappi medicines, remain unchanged as compared to Branded Medicines,” it said.

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