In order to overcome the digital connectivity issues specially during the winters, and to ensure the smooth functioning of the Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC), Srinagar Smart City is all set to install (SDNet) the high-speed intranet connectivity optical fiber.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Srinagar Smart City, Athar Aamir Khan told that to ensure the throughout smooth functioning of ICCC and to overcome the digital connectivity issues within the departments connected with ICCC specially in winters they are all set to install the high-speed bandwidth Intranet for which they are laying the underground optical fiber.

“At a stretch of more than 175 KMs the optical fiber will be laid underground in the Srinagar City and not only just ICCC will be connected but we have scope were other government departments whose services are connected with the ICCC can also avail the services of high-speed Intranet connection under Srinagar Smart City project”, CEO Srinagar Smart City.

CEO Srinagar Smart City said that under the SDNet project Srinagar Data Network will connect all the traffic junctions, Variable Message Display (VBD), government offices, and other critical infrastructure.

A senior official working on the ‘SDNet’ project under Srinagar Smart City, said the project’s purpose is to ensure connectivity of ICCC with the field projects and the other government departments in case there is internet failure.

“There are a number of services in the city which are centrally connected, monitored, and operated from ICCC and in case of internet failure or it’s non-availability for the first time there will be a high-speed bandwidth Intranet connectivity which will enable the smooth connectivity of ICCC and services connected with it. We also a provision of providing the service to other government departments whose services are connected with the ICCC”, he said.

The official added that with the services offered by the Srinagar Smart City, government departments connected with ICCC can also cut down their reliance on third-party service providers and will have an internal, secured digital connectivity.

“With ITMS in place there will be a number of cameras, registration number detection sensors, and other services connected with ICCC, however, it is just not confined to us only any government department whose service is active on ICCC servers can avail the service to ensure communication on digital lines”, he added.

Notably, Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) under the Srinagar Smart City initiative is considered to be among the prestigious projects, which was inaugurated by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in June this year.

LG Sinha had termed the start of the Integrated Command & Control Centre as the Nerve Centre for all Smart City IT interventions.

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