The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is going to install 40,000 Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights from next week in all wards of Srinagar city.Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Amir Athar Khan said that under phase first of the project, SMC had installed almost 60,000 street lights in several parts of the city including main roads, lanes and by-lanes. While under phase-2 of the project the SMC will attend the left out spots and attend to the long pending demands of the city residents.

“The Corporation is going to install forty-thousand LED lights from the upcoming week”.He said SMC has procured a bulk of LED lights which will be installed in all wards of the city from the upcoming week. He however said, “The SMC has prioritised main roads in different electoral wards of the city where nine-thousand LED lights would be installed”.Speaking further, the Commissioner said prior to installation of street lights the SMC has shaped up the job under different levels to address the demands as per the queue.“Firstly as far as main roads of the city are concerned, the LED lights will be installed on PDD poles. Secondly those areas also would be attended to who are left during phase-1 or where lights were installed in low quantity earlier”, he added.He also said the SMC will audit the 60,000 lights installed in phase-1.

“The works done under phase-1 will be reviewed and if lights installed earlier are found faulty or damaged, they would be attended and replaced”, he said.The Commissioner further said the SMC has set up a 24×7 control room in this regard and if residents of Srinagar will find the defunct street light in their respective areas, they must contact SMC and get the grievance resolved within twenty-four hours.“If you see street lights malfunctioning in any area of Srinagar the residents of the city are requested to contact us on 6006404919 or 8899104919 or dial our toll free number 18001803580 to get the complaint resolved within 24 hours”, the Commissioner SMC said.

He however maintained the roads, lanes or by-lanes would be illuminated as per the demand. “During the installation process the voltage luminosity would be taken into priority and accordingly areas would be given lights as per the voltage they need”, he added.It is pertinent to mention here Commissioner SMC Amir Athar Khan in a high level meeting held on Wednesday finalized the phase-2 of installation of LED light by ESSL in the city wards. He at the occasion directed the officials, “no dark spot to be left unattended”.The Commissioner SMC had passed on necessary instructions to the officials to conduct a survey in all wards of the city so that before the installation of lights the dark spots had to be figured-out.“During second phase of installation all main roads leading to vital destinations, institutions and other places will be attended and well illuminated”, Khan had said in the meeting. 

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