A scientist of Shre-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Srinagar has bagged the Inaugural International Best Paper Award for his research paper on influenza vaccine efficacy.PRO SKIMS said Hyder Mir, a scientist (C) while working with the research project “Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network” at SKIMS bagged the 2021 first MENA-ISN Research Award for his paper entitled “Poor Vaccine Effectiveness against Influenza B-Related Severe Acute Respiratory Infection in a temperate north Indian state (2019-2020):A Call for further Data for Possible Vaccines with Closer Match.”Hyder will present his work at MENA-ISN Influenza Day, 2022 on October 07- 08, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey and will receive a cash prize of Rs 2.5 lakhs. “Hyder is the first international scientist to receive this award,” the PRO said.The work was conducted in Influenza Lab, SKIMS under the supervision of present Director SKIMS, Dr Parvaiz A. Koul and was funded by GIHSN, Spain.Dr Koul has congratulated Hyder for the award and said that such an acknowledgment at the international level is encouraging for the institute’s researchers. “Research is going to the top priority in SKIMS,” he said.

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