Having been beneath the shadow of the gun, Jammu and Kashmir has suffered tremendously for the final decades. While the resultant violence coupled with frequent and prolonged shutdowns referred to as for separatists has impacted 1 and all. However, it is the youth of this area who have suffered the most as their education has been severely disrupted as they have out on employment possibilities and their dreams to do properly in life have come to nought. Due to this, the unemployment figure in Jammu-Kashmir at the moment stands at 16.2 per cent, which is the second-worst unemployment price amongst states/union territories in the nation.


Educational requirements, abilities, efficiency and merit of the youth will normally stay decisive components in keeping the pace of improvement and financial advancement. Thus, although the Government is performing what it can, it is also the societal duty of civil society, elders and function models to motivate youth so that they can take adversity in their stride and overcome this handicap by means of their initiative. This will make certain that the aggravation amongst the youth, which at occasions tends to make them vulnerable to be misled into taking the path of violence and self-annihilation is rather channelised into other meaningful pursuits.

Youth empowerment is the crucial to peace, progress and prosperity. It is heartening to note that some incredibly progressive methods have been taken by the center in 2020, like ‘Skill, Empowerment and Employment in Jammu & Kashmir’ (SEE J&ampK). This programme will advantage 1 lakh youth in the next 5 years and will be implemented by means of competent coaching providers from the private sector and non-profit organizations.

The chosen candidates will variety from college dropouts to graduates and postgraduates with every single empowered in accordance to his education and capability. Placements would be across the whole nation. Thus, not only will such schemes stop youth from taking the incorrect path, but also encourage who have gone astray to return into the mainstream. It would also make youth self-adequate workers and entrepreneurs and therefore develop into a supply of pride and succour for their respective households and inspiration to other folks.

After the abrogation of Article 370, the central government has been performing its utmost to provide youth with understanding and abilities to make their profession in unique streams and Indian army as well is performing yeoman service in this regard and ‘Shaurya’ (fame), an ongoing musical talent hunt is its most current initiative. Aimed to market musical talent amongst the youth by providing these with exceptional aptitude in this sphere of activity a platform to showcase their skills and discover new vistas in the music sector this occasion has been coordinated by Udhampur primarily based Northern Command with the popular “Mausqui Studios.

Renowned Bollywood celebrities and legends like Sukhwinder Singh and Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh have promoted the talent hunt, which has been a grand accomplishment. Over 2000 talented youth of Jammu &amp Kashmir joined the on the web audition which was spread more than seven days. This was followed up by offline audition for 4 days (two days every single in Jammu and Srinagar). Finally, ten of the most talented youth comprising vocalists and instrumentalists have been chosen 5 every single from Jammu- )Raghugeet Singh, Reema Devi, Shobit Gupta, Rajinder Kumar and Rahul Kumar) and 5 from Kashmir (Umar Majid, Adnan Manzoor, Mansoor Pandit, Aasif Fayaz and Anees Yosuf Qurashi ) to type the J&K Band. This Band will be groomed ahead of they showcase their talent on 18 Jan 2021 in Srinagar. While the whole Band will share the stage with popular singer Sukhwinder Singh, the prime 3 contestants will be performing with him. Post this efficiency, the Band members will be travelling to Mumbai for coaching and additional grooming ahead of undertaking contractual performances.

Besides assisting these chosen by creating them celebrities, such programme will absolutely do wonders in future as it will inspire other youngsters will stick to in their footprints and this new vista will also open doors of employment generation and enhanced financial activity.

This is also a large chance for the youth of J&ampK to appear at a new future and break away from the patterns of the previous which no longer serves anybody’s interests. There is hope for weaning away misguided Kashmiri youths to dream about a much better life. Hope requirements a nurturing atmosphere, it deteriorates with age, gets ossified by cynicism. It is fragile therefore it is critical that the correct atmosphere is designed for its accomplishment. So, such joint efforts by the centre, neighborhood administration and army to develop a positive atmosphere in J&ampK is a welcome step, specially when the public has largely lost trust in each neighborhood political structures and leaders.

Hope is a belief it can’t be forced or pushed. It’s linked to trust in systems and institutions working as they have been meant to be, it suggests new possibilities in the atmosphere. It requires time to develop this. This can only be demonstrated by actions by such youth who by means of their tough work and dedication will serve as function models for other folks.

This is the higher time when the youth of Kashmir need to shun the cult of violence and opt for peace and prosperity. It is time for the total leadership of Kashmir to respect their sentiments, drop politics of agitation and work towards rehabilitating their lives disrupted by decades.

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