Sahil Ali, the youngest story teller of Kashmir valley is hailing from Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir. Sahi is a student by profession and additionally, he is polishing his hands in writing and has been writing since 2018.
Sahil considers writing as a tool of expression, his feelings beyond one’s vision. He mainly writes Urdu poetry, also establishing his hand in english writing.
Apart from poet, he is a lyricist and story writer, all his works are greatly loved people. Sahil’s every piece of writing is a reflection of his life. Sahil finds writing a key to peace and self contentment. Writing brings him to the wisdom and vision that nothing else can do for him.
He is very much fond of Urdu poetry which is clearly reflected through his growth. He is aiming to flourish himself as one of the greatest writers of Kashmir.
“I started writing not for the sake of poetry but to gave a vent to his emotion as he trust paper more than people for me writing is what he feels stillness in breathing”, Sahil said.

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