The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Engineers for Sustainable Energy Solutions (ESES), Kentucky, United States of America aiming to curb plastic pollution.

The MoU was signed by Director, NIT Srinagar Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal and ESES was represented by Prof. Jaffery Seay , Coordinator  ESES and Professor of Chemical Engineering ,University of Kentucky, Paducah, Kentucky, USA .

The scope of collaboration on academic and research activities in MoU includes working jointly to combat the rising issue of plastic waste pollution and its disposal in modern society which is threatening economies, ecosystems, and human health.

Director, NIT Srinagar Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal said it is indeed a matter of great pleasure as two technological institutions are coming together to sign the historic MoU.

“It is a welcome step between NIT Srinagar and Engineers for Sustainable Energy Solutions (ESES).It will not only resolve the problem of plastic waste in our campus but we can also implement this technology in surrounding communities and minimize the waste to convert useful energies,” he said.

Prof Sehgal congratulated the stakeholders for coming together to work jointly for mitigating the plastic pollution.

He said that the institute and UT of J&K are largely going to benefit from the partnership in the future. The students and faculty members shall be promoted to attend the mutual exchange programmes, he said.

“We will constitute a group of students who will take up this kind of technology and make the community surrounding NIT campus  aware about this initiative,” he said.

Registrar NIT Srinagar, Prof. Kaiser Bukhari appreciated the efforts of the institution in fostering partnerships with various research and other organizations.

On the occasion, Prof Jeffrey R. Seay said it is a welcome step by NIT and our organization ESES . We are excited to work with students at NIT Srinagar. It is a happy  and positive movement for all of us, he said.

Prof Seay said although MoU is only a piece of paper, and in future  success is expected when we will work together on more projects.

The dignified function was presided over by Prof. Rakesh Sehgal Director, Prof G. A. Hermain -Dean Research and Consultancy, Prof S. K. Bukahri -Registrar, Prof. Sheikh  Nazir Ahmad -Head Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Rather -Head Chemical Engineering  Department and Coordinator of programme for NIT Srinagar.

Dr Sohail Rasool lone -International Research fellow of ESES also attended besides other staff and faculty members.

Prof Hermain appreciated the efforts of Prof. Saey and his foundation working tirelessly on pollution issues throughout the globe.

Coordinator for NIT Srinagar, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather, Head Chemical Engineering Department stressed to look for all the modern and viable technologies available to mitigate the plastic and other pollution problems.

The function ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

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