Shah Huzaib is no ordinary teenager. A class 12 student from Kashmir’s Budgam district, Shah is a 19-year-old boy who is going viral on social media for his insane football trick shots.

Shah is studying Medicine in Aakash Srinagar Institute and has always been an avid football fan. In a free-wheeling conversation with Indiatimes, Shah gives insight about his football tricks, Kashmir’s football culture, getting accolades on international platforms, among other things.It all began in 2016. During Kashmir’s unrest same year when terrorist Burhan Wani was killed, internet was banned and schools were shut for a long time. Children in the valley were left with no choice to kill their time hence they started taking up outdoor sports. Some of Shah’s friends started playing football and that’s when he got introduced to the beautiful game. He never looked back after that.

“After practicing football for 2 years, I started watching football videos on YouTube and suddenly I came across video of Trickshots on YouTube. I really got inspired from it,” he said.

Recalling a video where he saw a guy kicking footballs into baskets through tyres, Shah got intrigued so much that he also started performing trick shots and posting them on social media.

At an early age of 7, Shah was actually a cricketer. He used to be a good bowler and batter. However, since 2016, the transition from cricket to football took place.

His claim to fame was when he got featured on YouTube page People are awesome. His video garnered around 5 million views. Another feather in his cap was when he got selected for India’s Got Talent Season 9.

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