Iqra Shaban, 20, a resident of Soura Srinagar is a self-taught sketch artist. Her strokes on a canvas perfect into a portrait. Shaban is a BBA third-semester student at Islamia College.  

According to her, the tryst with the art is innate. “I was interested in making pictures in childhood and during my early school days at Iqbal Memorial Institute I took part in different art-related competitions.”  

Up to her senior secondary classes sketching was just a leisure time activity for her but, since then she got fully into it and took her art to the next level. Along with her studies, she gives the art a proper time, in fact has made it part of her daily schedule.

“After 12th class, I pursued art with passion and am giving my best into it,” Shaban said.

Shaban believes that the sketch of Sir Mohammad Allama Iqbal that she sketched a year before is one of the fine portraits she has sketched so far. Apart from this, she has sketched a horse that was endorsed by art lovers on social media.

Now she is more into the creative sketching genre of this art. “ I made a creative sketch of an eye. The sketch is close to my heart and the artists applauded my work. I believe through creative sketching an artist can depict a lot of latent things that he can not express through words.”

Shaban has won many awards and certificates for her creative art so far. She won the Young Woman Achiever in 2021. Apart from this, she has attended many workshops and participated in many online platforms in international forums.

Shaban has to deal with a fair share of her struggle. She said that in the initial days, she had to deal with many trolls but she kept going on and ignored them. “I have got my supportive parents who supported me through thick and thin.”  

Shaban is now selling her art on social media platforms.  “Recently I sold one of my sketches at the rate of Rs 2000 on my Instagram page.” Shaban has a youtube channel and runs an Insta page by the name iqrashaban01 where she has 1.3K followers.

However, Shaban believes that there are very few platforms available for budding artists and believes that there should be more platforms available for the artists where they can excel both in terms of their talent and financially.

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