Aabida Rashid doesn’t linger any story she started to create one.She is a self taught calligrapher from Kashmir valley (Hmt Zainakote Srinagar) , because she has never been to any institution she learned it all by self.Islamic Calligraphy has always fascinated her but being a medical student didn’t get enough time for this but this pandemic came as both boon and bane and I realize that she is blessed with this art of Calligraphy then she started journey in calligraphy during lockdown, when there was laziness all around, lockdown aided me with more time to Improve skills she began to devote most of my time towards this art.From school days she used to participate in all local competitions and won many of them , No doubt it is a beginning but she want to do it for her life now.

I am now trying to master in this field ,having innate tendency towards this I am working hard to get proficiency in this , it is more than a hobby for me ,I don’t feel alone in the shadow of this art, it is the medicine for all my bad moods, I find calm in this , for me it is an effective way to communicate and pass a message in a beautiful way she said.

Moreover she believe that an artist should be given an opportunity to prove his/her mettle, everybody is genius, society should appreciate this kind of talent, she want audience both to appreciate as well as prune every artist, it must not be abhorred ,art or profession should give pleasure hence, it becomes worship. Now eventually people have begun to appreciate her work and are giving positive response which keeps her going, first she used to kept her artwork to self but now she has started taking orders.

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