Kashmir University and Association of Food Scientists and Technologists India (AFSTI), Mysore on Friday organized a three-day International conference on ‘Interface between agriculture, food chemical and biological science with the aim to promote food industry with latest technologies in the valley.

Chief Organizer of the Conference and Coordinator, Food Technology Department, Dr Adil Gani, spelt out the objectives of the three-day event. He said, “an interdisciplinary approach is needed to ‘design a food for future’ with potential collaborations in different areas of food science which the current event tries to explore.

” The Department of food science and technology, University of Kashmir, organised the event given the fact that the importance of food sciences is increasing and young entrepreneurs are adopting food processing culture on a large scale. But due to the lack of proper exposure and comfortable infrastructure, they are facing different issues which result in food industrial units not developing properly.

“This conference provided a great opportunity to interact directly with the participants. Since food science is getting more and more inter-disciplinary, I find the topic of this conference very important since it matches different areas into one,” said Dr. Milica Pojic, Food Scientist from Serbia.

During this conference, food scientists and other experts gave different lectures including PowerPoint presentations that attracted delegates and local participants. Such type of important conferences always offer a platform for entrepreneurs, students and research scholars to exchange ideas and learn from the expertise of top-notch scientists from across the world.

“This conference gave us a platform to interact with international food scientists, brands and companies and to show our potential to the world,” said Safia Rafiq, a student of Food Technology.

Many national and international food scientists were also present and more than three hundred people participated aiming to know the latest developments in food science and technologies so that they can do something different for the promotion of food industries and young entrepreneurs get proper benefits. 

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