To boost the enthusiasm of youth towards Judo the Jammu and Kashmir Judo Association in collaboration with Sports Council has been organizing Judo Championships in which matches are conducted under the supervision of professional coaches and trainers.
Judo is a dynamic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline. It doesn’t
involve kicking, punching or striking techniques of any kind. All it uses are the forces of balance, power and movement with an attempt to subdue each other.
Shafqat Shafi, Judo Coach of Jammu and KashmirSports Council said, “Judo is a tough game but players who love challenges enjoy it a lot.”
“Everyone cannot step into this sport. Only those who are quite influenced by the game take interest in it,” Shafi said.
The love for Judo among Kashmir i youngsters is helping to channelize their energy in right
direction which will be beneficial for them as well as for society. The strenuous training sessions are keeping them fit both physically as well as mentally, he added.

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