Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha passed an order making the outstanding sportspersons of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) eligible for government jobs.Under this newly passed order, called “the Jammu and Kashmir (Appointment of Outstanding Sports Persons) Rules, 2022,” there would be a specially reserved quota for the outstanding sportsperson of the union territory who have represented J&K in any of the recognized national or international level sports competition.

According to the order, a sportsperson who has represented India in any international games, such as Olympics, Paralympics, World Cup, Asian Games, Commonwealth, and International Cricket matches would be eligible for the government posts. The discipline of the games is not going to matter unless the sport was internationally played and the sportsperson had played the game once every four years.

As per the order, there are 44 games that would make a sportsperson eligible for a government job in J&K. The priority would be given to the Olympian candidates, however, national-level sportspersons would also be considered. 
” A person who has won first, second or third position in the individual or team events in national games or senior national championship; or Federation Cup or senior inter-zonal competitions; held under Indian Olympic Association/National Sports Federation/ Association or any officially recognized entity shall also be entitled to a government job,” the order reads.The sportsperson would be eligible for both gazetted level and non-gazetted level posts, depending on the qualification of the sportsperson. 

Sportspersons possessing qualification of graduation level or above may be considered for appointment against a vacancy in the gazetted service, while sportspersons possessing qualification as matric or above may be considered for appointment against a vacancy in the non- gazetted service.

Under these rules, the sportspersons must possess a certificate of outstanding sportspersons from the Department of Youth Services and  Sports, Jammu and Kashmir.“There shall be 100 points for determination of the merit of sports achievements in national, international level earned within the cycle of five years,” the rules further read.
60 Points would be given to the candidate for achievements in international events, while 40 points would be given for achievements earned in national level competitions by the sportspersons.
This new order shall make the Jammu and Kashmir (Appointment of Outstanding Sports Persons) Rules, 1998 obsolete and it shall stand repealed.

Notwithstanding such repeal, any appointment made under the provisions of the rules so repealed shall be deemed to have been made under the corresponding provisions of these rules.Any outstanding sportsperson who could not be considered for an appointment during the period 2014-21, shall be considered for appointment in the year 2022 only if he/she fulfills the eligibility criteria laid down under these rules, said the order copy.

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