J&K Government is promoting accessibility and accountability in public service delivery system with the adoption of transparent paperless working culture across all the departments.

In the Union Territories category, Jammu and Kashmir was assessed for the first time in NeSDA 2021 and scored the highest amongst all UTs for six sectors. J&K is being lauded for achieving this position with an overall compliance of nearly 90 per cent. J&K became the first UT in the country to have good governance index and was also first to launch district good governance index for its 20 districts in January this year.

The operationalisation of two secretariats in Jammu and Kashmir was possible because of e-office and that has put an end to annual darbar move carrying over 300 truckloads of files between the two capital cities of Srinagar and Jammu. This also saved Rs 200 crore per annum and led to an uninterrupted work culture in the entire UT without any official break of six weeks for organisation of files in Jammu and Srinagar respectively.

The adoption of e-office has enabled the simultaneous operationalisation of both Jammu and Srinagar secretariats and was one of the biggest reforms related to the practice of Darbar move.

In assessment of state portals, Kerala became a frontrunner and the progress made by Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh in NeSDA 2021 was also commendable. In service portals, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Meghalaya have topped the rankings.

J&K Government is promoting accountability and has enhanced public service delivery system with the adoption of e-office; a simplified, responsive, effective, and transparent paperless working culture across all the departments.

J&K is first amongst UTs in e-office disposal/uptake of files. Currently, 180 services are online and are linked with a feedback mechanism. All HoDs have been brought on e-office portal while the “Annual Performance Reports’ of JK Administrative Services (JKAS) officers have been shifted to online mode on SPARROW Portal.

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