In fight against the COVID-19, the Directorate of Ayush, J&K reached more than 44 lakh people through its public health outreach programs to create awareness regarding the pandemic.

This was revealed in NITI Aayog’s compendium of Ayush-based practices from states and union territories.

The report outlined the various Ayush-based initiatives and practices adopted by Indian states and union territories to contain and manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

Like other states and UTs, the officials of J&K AYUSH using its wide network of Ayush Health and Wellness Centres, Ayush Dispensaries, Co-located Ayush Units in CHCs/ DH/ GMCs were able to reach marginalized population groups, front-line COVID-19 workers, and healthcare workers.

“On an average 55 per cent of the Ayush workforce, from district headquarters was deputed for COVID-19 mitigation efforts including surveillance, testing, contact tracing, and distribution of medicines as well as on roaster duties in CCCs,” reveals a report.

Dr Mohan Singh, Director AYUSH Jammu and Kashmir told that NITI Ayog has mentioned Union Territory as an example of excellence for the kind work and the results of J&K Ayush achieved here.

” Our doctors have done a tremendous amount of work during Covid-19 pandemic. From Isolation wards, control rooms, quarantine centres, boosting immunity of the patients to immunization, testing surveillance etc. The list is long. Our doctors have worked bravely to save people during the pandemic,” he said.

Dr Singh said that our doctors have provided immunomodulator  drugs like ashwagandha, Tulsi and other varieties to the Covid 19 patients which proved helpful for overall health and immunity of the patients.

” Besides, we have also followed the advice of the Ministry of AYUSH and provided everything to help patients stay fit and immune during the pandemic. We have created awareness about yoga, asanas and pranayamas among the Covid-19 patients. These exercises have helped common masses to fight Covid-19, respiratory infections and stress,” he said.

During COVID-19 times, the department also distributed Ayush immunity booster kits among the people. Besides, the department launched Aarogya Sampark, a public health outreach programme.

“ In order to reach at least 25 percent of the J&K population, Directorate of Ayush, J&K rolled out an extensive public health outreach Programme with two main objectives: Public awareness about the role of Ayush in Health Promotion, COVID-19 prevention and management and Distribution of immunity boosters among the public, healthcare workers, and other front-line workers like police personnel, military and paramilitary forces, functionaries of other line departments, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) functionaries, and NGOs and social organizations,” the report said.

In 2020-2021, 15,20,778 beneficiaries availed the Ayush medicines from 651 Ayush Institutions across J&K and in 2022, up to January 7, 2022, the tally is 29,26,393.

During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Directorate of Ayush operationalized 194 Ayush health and wellness centres, and ensured their infrastructural upgradation.During the lockdown, the Directorate of Ayush, J&K raised AHWCs as centres of holistic healthcare through established principles and practices of Ayush.

The report further said that the pandemic has caused an unprecedented public health crisis in the world since the year 2020.

The Union Government worked in partnership with the states and union territories to manage the COVID-19 outbreak in India.State/UT Ayush Departments joined forces with State Health Departments to strengthen India’s fight against COVID-19. “Ayush is becoming more visible, and he must maintain momentum and credibility,” the report said.

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