The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Rohtak is offering internship to Jammu and Kashmir women on entrepreneurship and management skills. The course will be held for six to eight weeks at the IIM Rohtak campus and will be offered to various educational institutions of Jammu and Kashmir.

As many as 64 students from across universities and colleges in J&K have been shortlisted for the program and are invited to stay at Rohtak campus for the internship.

Through the internship, students will develop business skills to help pursue entrepreneurship or carry on with higher education in business management. The course includes classroom sessions, expert speaker sessions, project work, debates, assignments, and several business development activities to understand and cultivate scientific temperament for decision making.

Topics like bank management, market research, digital marketing, branding, business law, supply chain management, and talent management will be covered. It will also comprise of how to design a sustainable business plan, take financial assistance from banks and investors, executive their business model, understand business laws, and launch the start up.

As part of the internship, students will work on several projects, assignments and case studies. Some of the key projects include writing case study on successful businesses projects of J&K in recent years, identifying the scope of growth for industries in various districts of J&K, and designing a business plan on their own entrepreneur venture. Regular debates on business and socio economic topics will also be part of the internship to develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Expert speakers from leading banks and top consulting firms will deliver lecture to the students about the financial regulations to start a new business, how to secure loans based on the business requirement, challenges in the business industry and how an entrepreneur can make their business profitable by managing their resources appropriately.

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