The government is mulling to set up 150 “aerators” (fountains) on Dal Lake here. The work on this project will begin soon, and by the end of this year and these fountains will be installed at the lake, a senior official of the Lakes Conservation and Management Authority said on Monday.

He said that the fountain installation will contribute to the beautification of Dal Lake and that several other projects will be carried out on the lake to make it more alluring to tourists.

The officer said that by this November, these fountains will be installed, adding that these aerators are different from the existing ones.

Dr. Bashir Ahmad, vice chairman of the Lakes Conservation and Management Authority, told Rising Kashmir that 150 fountains will be installed at various spots in the lake to make it more attractive. He said that, in addition, the department is working tirelessly to make Dal beautiful.

Ahmad also stated that Dal Lake would undergo a significant makeover in the future, including the development of “untapped” parks next to the lake and the installation of fountains at key locations to draw in more tourists.

Another official of the department stated that several initiatives are being considered that would significantly improve Dal Lake,also other efforts to improve Dal Lake and its beauty.

The main goal of these development initiatives is to open doors to additional employment prospects while paving the way for more inbound and outbound travel, which will improve the tourism industry.

The department has picked six sites from Dalgate to NPL Bund where fountains are to be erected. More fountains would be installed in gradual phases at those spots that observe sufficient traffic of visitors. “

They said that Dal Lake is their priority because this spot is popular with all visitors. To make this neat and clean, the department recently issued a tender for the installation of STPs in the lake to connect all 650 houseboats with STPs.

Also, dozens of machines are working tirelessly round the clock to make dal clean.

VC LCMA also said that, in addition, there are several other projects under consideration in connection with Dal-Lake.

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