Broadway Education Hub organised an art exhibition at Hotel Broadway Complex here.

The exhibition by a young artist Tara Patnaik was aimed to showcase hidden talent among the artists. It evoked an overwhelming response as many youngsters turned out at the event and hailed the creative genius of Tara Patnaik.

Tara Patnaik is a 16-year-old artist living in England. She is currently studying at ACS Cobham, an American international school. Tara is also a keen sportswoman and a member of many charitable clubs. 

Born in London, Tara has grown up in and around museums learning to enjoy and appreciate art. 

Kashmir, her motherland, inspires her to look to her origin when creating art. It has inculcated in her a love of nature, and the associated visual culture. 

In future, Tara looks forward to attending a university in America where she would like to continue focusing on improving her technical skill in fine arts and exploring career pathways in the arts.

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