A book titled ‘Lal Chowk’ authored by an independent journalist Rohin Kumar was released on Wednesday evening, in New Delhi. 

The central idea of the book, as per the author, is Kashmiriyat, that includes the people of Kashmir, their human rights, civil rights, numerous youngsters facing severe charges for whom the valley is a den of darkness. 

It is a collection of stories of millions of people whose minds and attitudes are shaped by conflict. I

While dedicating the book to the people of Kashmir and spirit of independent journalism, Rohin said, “As an author, I intend to tell the story, as it is. While writing I was very clear, if it’s a story about Kashmir, Kashmiris have to be at the centre,” Kumar added. 

The book also explores the complexities of history, politics, competing claims, traumatic memories, divided populations, lack of justice, denial of rights, cycles of extremism, corruption and occupation.  

The book captures first-hand narratives of people, mainstream political leaders, and security forces and what they feel about the situation.

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