A growing shortage of beds, oxygen, medicines, plasma donors and ambulance services is only making this situation worse. Many people across the country have been running pillar to post in desperate search for oxygen.

The shortage of the life-saving gas has made tackling the virus a lot more difficult. But amid the chaos, a few good Samaritans are ensuring help reaches those in need.

For some, the act of helping others is the ultimate deed. Manzoor Ahmad, from Kashmir’s Budgam district, is an asthma patient who has been on oxygen support for the last three years. But the condition hasn’t stopped him from delivering oxygen cylinders to COVID positive patients in need.

Driving his small truck, he selflessly has been providing assistance to people saying that he knows the feeling of not getting enough oxygen and the need for these cylinders.

“For the sake of humanity, if I am able to deliver the oxygen to anyone, and save his life or he feels any relief, it’s a great feeling for me. I myself am an asthma patient, and I know how much this oxygen means to patients at a time when their saturation is low. This is my bit of what I want to do for people.

His commitment to the cause is incredible considering his condition makes him more vulnerable to the infection. Not only does he deliver oxygen cylinders to patients’ homes, but he also gets them refilled at an oxygen facility.

Manzoor said he can’t sit at home during the ongoing pandemic because he has to work and earn for his family since they are dependent on him. He also added that his medicines are expensive which cost him around Rs 7,000 per month. As his family also has expenses, he is out working to earn a livelihood.

Amid the ongoing upheaval, heroes like Manzoor Ahmad are giving the whole country hope.

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