Mustafa-Ibn-Jameel, a 27-year-old Kashmiri calligrapher, has created a new world record by writing the Holy Quran on a 500-meter scroll in seven months. According to the report on the Rising Kashmir, Mustafa-Ibn-Jameel, who lives in Bandipora, Kashmir, in Gurez Valley, has set a unique record.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri Photojournalist Basit Zagar tweeted a video on his Twitter account. In the video, the whole role of the 500m paper is being unfolded and the journalist is seen clicking pictures. Sharing the video, Basit Zagar wrote, “Mustafa-Ibn-Jameel, a 27-year-old Kashmiri calligrapher has broken the world record by writing the Holy Quran on a 500-meter scroll in seven months.”

Although Mustafa is a calligrapher and he has completed this work in 7 months. The Lincoln Book of Records has considered his feat a world record and has also rewarded him for it. According to the website, Mustafa has written the Quran on 14.5 inches wide and 500 meters long paper.

Not only that, according to Al Jazeera’s Twitter video, he used to write the Quran on paper for 18 hours every day. Mustafa said that he started calligraphy to improve his handwriting. While learning calligraphy, he used to make his signature and write verses from Quran. Then he thought he should write the entire Quran.

After seeing the video, people congratulated Mustafa. A Twitter user said that people should know about Mustafa because he has done a wonderful job. Another said that a few months ago Mustafa had translated the Quran into the Sheena language.

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